There may be cases where you have a list of duplicate leads that are captured in your Odoo system. Odoo provides you with a remarkable feature to merge identical leads together as one. Odoo will merge the information into combined lead which was first created, giving priority to the information present on the first lead. However, no data will be lost, records from the latter opportunity are noted in the chatter and the information fields for easy access.

Go to the CRM module → Leads → Select Duplicate Leads → Action → Merge

Odoo will automatically recommend merging opportunities if they have the same email address, but if you see duplicates in the system, you have the option to merge the leads manually.

Merge odoo leads


Merging leads makes data analysis relatively easy. It combines the records into one master record keeping all the respective information. Odoo provides this great feature to keep your Odoo ERP simple.

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