According to a study, 80% of new leads never translate into sales, when selecting a CRM system, ensure the software can manage lost leads/opportunities. Lost opportunities can also provide a valuable lesson to ensure greater conversion rates in the future. Odoo can assist with easy management of this to ensure the sales department only works on active opportunities and generally require the ability to record the reasons behind those lost opportunities. The opportunities are marked as lost and the contact details are still saved on the system for follow-ups in the future.

Go to CRM Module → Select Opportunity you want to mark as lost → Mark Lost

Odoo lost leads


Select the reason why you lost the opportunity, you can create new reasons on the fly if the applicable lost reason is not available. You can also view and edit the lost reasons under the configuration tab in the CRM application. Once you have selected the correct reason please click on the “Submit” button

Odoo CRM lost leads


In order to search for this lost opportunity at a later stage, go to your pipeline. In the search bar, enable the ‘lost’ filter. All your lost opportunities will be listed. If you want to refine it further, you can also enter the lost reason as an additional filter by clicking on the custom filter option.

Odoo CRM lost leads

It is possible to restore a lost opportunity by clicking on the restore button.

Odoo CRM lost leads


Hope the above helps

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