Automating the lead generation on your Odoo ERP will significantly increase your productivity. By default, any email sent to sales@database_domain.ext will create an opportunity in the pipeline of the default sales channel.

Odoo has a great option to automatically generate leads and assign it to a salesperson with income emails to a specific email address. To activate this function, follow the below path and configure your email address.

Go to CRM application → Configuration → Settings

Odoo lead management



Moreover, in Odoo business management solution you can configure multiple sales teams.

Example sales teams per regions and you can create multiple email addresses which will allocate the leads to the correct salesperson for a specific region.

Go to CRM Configuration Sales Teams Select Team

Odoo lead management

Enable leads

Odoo lead management


Each sales channel has its own email alias to generate leads/opportunities automatically assigned to it. It will be beneficial if you manage several sales teams.


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