A lead is a potential customer who has inquired about your product or services. This is the first step in the sales process, and it is important to engage with the lead with the intention of converting them into a customer. Odoo has an option to generate leads before converting them into opportunities. Opportunity is the next stage in your sales process, once you have qualified the lead.  To manage leads in Odoo, you can enable this feature in your CRM application in Odoo

Go to CRM application → Configuration → Settings → Enable Leads

Odoo lead management


After enabling the leads in your Odoo CRM application, you will notice a new tab on the top next to the sales tab where you can manage your leads.

Go to CRM → Leads

You will see a list of all the leads available:

Odoo lead management



Click on your respective lead and click on the covert to opportunity button

Now, you will see an option to convert your lead into an opportunity. Click on the button and a new window will pop up with respective options available. After selecting the correct options click on Create Opportunity.

Odoo lead management




Now you will be able to see your new opportunity in your “pipeline” under your sales tab. This way you can keep track of your leads and convert them into opportunities on the go in Odoo ERP.


Odoo has a great option to automatically generate leads and assign it to a salesperson with income emails to a specific email address. To activate this function, follow the below path and configure your email address.

Go to CRM application → Configuration → Settings

Odoo lead management

Below is a great video from Odoo:


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