Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we really need a Business Management Solution?2020-02-06T23:25:27+02:00
YES! Any business that would like to manage and improve their business processes and operations should invest in a Business Management Solution (ERP) system. You cannot manage something if don’t measure it. An integrated Business Management Solution (ERP) system will help you streamline your business workflow, improve duty segregation and also assist you with setting and monitoring your key performance indicators.
2. Which Business Management Solution do you recommend?2020-02-06T23:26:13+02:00
The answer to this varies based on your business needs. At AIC Consulting, we’ll offer you a free consultative session to understand the specific needs of your business, analyze your environment and recommend a suitable Business Management Solution (ERP).
3. What does AIC Consulting do?2020-02-20T13:41:03+02:00
We help businesses with achieving their strategic objectives by implementing Business Management Solution (ERP) that will increase their bottom line and facilitate their growth. We specialize in providing Sage X3 and ODOO ERP business management solutions.
4. What are your qualifications?2020-02-06T23:27:09+02:00
We employ only qualified and experienced individuals with the relevant skills that will add value to our client’s business. We boast of highly experienced and certified Sage X3 and ODOO ERP consultants.
5. Which modules do you specialize in?2020-02-06T23:27:47+02:00
We constantly train and update ourselves on all new and relevant modules. We are proficient at delivering a wide range of modules.
6. How does AIC Consulting process work?2020-02-06T23:28:13+02:00
Our process will usually follow the following steps: Initial discussion to understand your basic business requirements.  Assess your current business processes, business management solution (ERP) and master data  Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and estimated fees for the project  In-depth Business needs analysis – Several discussions to better understand the details and finalize all deliverables  Fully featured prototype – The next step is to fully configure the system to cover all business flows  Data import and specific development  User acceptance and testing with super users  Enhance the system after super users have provided their feedback  Training for end-users  Finalize all deliverables and sign off  Deployment – Go Live  Provide user support for three months after Go live*  Provide ongoing support.
7. How long does the ERP implementation take?2020-02-06T23:28:35+02:00
There is no straightforward answer for this, the time factor depends on many variables such as:  Defined business process flows  Accuracy of master data  Specific business needs  Number of users  Availability of key stakeholder during the project Generally, implementation will take between 2 to 8 months depending on the above factors.
8. How do you price your services?2020-02-06T23:28:59+02:00
In general, we charge a fixed hourly rate or a fixed cost per project. The fee is determined by:  The scope of the project, in terms of the modules you require assistance with  The complexity and specific needs of your business requirements  The quality of your current system and the phase of the ERP implementation  The clarity of your vision  Availability of signed off business process flows  Your availability and willingness to participate in the preparation of the implementation process, we avoid working with companies where major stakeholders are not interested in the ERP implementation and think of it as an “IT project”  The complexity of your industry and business model.  The desired timing relative to our workload and the time provided to implement the system. Because of these factors, the fees for each project varies. By the way, if you are “price shopping”, please remember price should not be the deciding factor in any ERP implementation, there are several other factors to consider.
9. Will you sign a Non-disclosure agreement?2020-02-06T23:29:23+02:00
Gratefully. We prefer to use a Mutual NDA so that our trade secrets are protected also.
10. Where are you located and how do you help clients outside your area??2020-02-20T13:39:19+02:00
We are in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Our communication medium includes the use of phone, e-mail, and online meeting tools. If desired, we can arrange meetings at your offices and work on-site when it is essential.
11. Why should we hire AIC Consulting rather than implementing an ERP ourselves?2020-02-06T23:30:06+02:00
To derive the maximum utility from your investment (ERP Purchase), it is not only important to have it implemented by a professional but it is also vital to ensure your employees are trained to use the system effectively. Advantages of using AIC Consulting include:  You will benefit from our wealth of experiences.  We help you save time – our team will get it done in the shortest time possible.  Cost-effective solutions  We don’t just install; we provide support to ensure you derive maximum utility from the system and become part of your team.  And most of all you can focus on growing your business In addition to our expertise in preparing business management solutions, we offer independent insights into your business, and may raise questions that you might not have thought to ask and also because we work in multiple industries we can share our knowledge from our past experience to improve your business.

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