Modern User Interface

A user-friendly intuitive user interface designed for salespeople.

Mobile Friendly

Odoo goes with you anywhere you want.

Minimize Data Entry

Odoo helps users covert sales quotes to sales orders and sales invoices with just a few clicks.


Manage Leads

Manage your leads and score your leads based on certain criteria.

Manage Opportunities

Get a precise overview of the opportunity pipeline. Work quicker with the drag & drop interface.

360 Visibility

Access information regarding a new customer or lost customer with complete history.


Cash Control

Monitor the cash register on a daily basis, with key controls in place.

Manage Inventory

Monitor inventory in real time and view stock on hand.

Daily sales

Keep track of daily sales and totals for every payment type.

Register customer and Loyalty programs

Quickly register customer from the POS system and manage multiple loyalty programs to create brand loyalty.


Quotation Builder

Use predefined products, price lists, and templates to help your salespeople create sales quotation on the move.

Quotation Template

Design custom quotation templates effortlessly and use them to save time.


Send Pro-forma invoices to your customers to declare the value of the sales.


You can optimize your quotations by recommending additional options, more products, discounts, etc.

Electronic Signature

Make your sales quick with electronic signatures, allowing your customers to evaluate and sign your quotations online via the customer portal.

Variants Grid Entry

Add product variants to your sales orders with a grid, or matrix to display all the possible combinations of a product’s attributes (e.g. sizes, colors).


Sales Orders

Convert your quotations into sales orders on Odoo or let your customers do it themselves with online quotes and Odoos Sign.

Manage Invoicing from Sales Orders

Easily create a strategy for generating, sending and keeping a track of all your invoices.

Customer Portal

Customers can access an online portal to view their quotes, sales orders, and track the status of delivery orders in real-time.


Track each stage of the contracts.


Configure Odoo to automatically display Incoterms directly on the invoice.


Use OdooeSign to easily get signatures on NDAs, contracts, or any PDF document.


Schedule Activities

Follow important quotations and orders to get alerts based on relevant activities.

Email Gateways

View all of your email communications automatically attached to the associated customer order, letting you to trace back on negotiations and sell more efficiently.

On-Boarding Emails

Create email templates for specific products to educate the customers with the significant benefits they can receive from your product.

Inter-Companies Rules

Automatically mirror sales and purchase orders in a multi-company’ setup.


Product Variants

Create and organize products with various attributes or variations such as size, color, etc.


Apply discounts on any quotation line item and make certain if the discount is visible or hidden.

Product Types

Manage different product types including intangible products and tangible products.


Calculate shipping costs automatically based on multiple variables, print shipping labels and track your shipment.


Create custom coupon codes for price lists and allow your customers to activate their discount at the time of sale.

Product Configurator

Organize and sell your products by choosing your variant attributes with exclusions and optional products.

Units of Measure

Sell product in multiple units of measure and let Odoo manage the conversion.


Calculate the accurate price based on customer conditions. Add price lists to each product depending on each customer’s segment and use the applicable pricelist based on order conditions.


Trackable Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)

Easily monitor a KPI dashboard for key information such as total amount invoiced, sales per country/salesperson/sales team, CAC Ratio, upgrades/downgrades, etc.

Follow Activities

Get a complete understanding of all your sales activities, next actions, and performance data.

Order & Invoicing Analysis

Decide on whether your statistics are based on orders, invoices, or both. Group sales by any category such as product type, salesperson, country, and sales team.



Customer relationship management (CRM) application on Odoo ERP enables businesses to manage the full sales and marketing mix expanding your functionality from qualification to closing.


Data is entered once and shared with other modules. Create invoices automatically based on sales orders, delivery orders, contracts. Easily reference all invoices required on a customer statement.


Check product availability information directly from the quotation. Trigger delivery orders and check delivery status from the sales order. If you can see your customers’ fluctuating inventory levels, you can ensure the product is available when it is required, increasing sales.


eCommerce integration is when a merchant connects their eCommerce site to their other online sales channels and back-end systems to make efficient sales.