Easy Emails

Odoo’s pre-defined building blocks with drag and drop features to structure your emails.

Manage your campaigns

Contacts can be imported to Odoo from any CSV files. Create custom mailing lists which can be edited automatically if contacts choose to opt out.

Improve delivery rate

Access your emails on all mediums and track last 24 hours undelivered emails along with the reason.

Get insights

Keep all the emails in record of Odoo database. Stay updated on campaign performances by adding a tracking code to the links in your emails.


Send & Schedule Posts

Directly send or schedule posts for social media and view them from your Odoo dashboard.


Create entirely incorporated campaigns and get an overview of your campaign results.

Live Chat Request

Get an exact list of your website visitors. Nonetheless, Odoo live chat also brings you in contact with your multiple website visitors.

Track revenues and leads from a link

Get an instant overview on how many leads are generated from a posting by tracking the passage of the link.


SMS Marketing campaigns

Import contacts, create contact lists, schedule the campaign and also test the campaigns before going live.

Send SMSs

Select multiple contacts and send SMS with the new button added to your Contacts app.

Get insights

Track undelivered SMS with the reasons of failure and also the performance of the SMS campaign.


Campaign management

Set criteria and get the contacts get enrolled automatically. Create and customize workflows with a visual interface.


Set delays between workflow actions and perform filters on any fields.


Automate your workflow by sending emails on a set time and contextual actions like updating the records.



Automate lead management and rank your prospects according to the marketing campaign results.


Create win-back email series to attract customers who abandoned their carts.

Email Marketing

Make actions based on the marketing response by automating database notifications.


Schedule automatic registration confirmation, follow-ups and reminders for your events.


Enhance your customer support efficiency by automating your tickets notifications and feedbacks.