Create employee profiles to keep their information saved at one place. You can manage contacts, their time sheets, monitor their attendance and get dashboards per manager.


You can follow your employees and documents and design their clear targets to analyze their performance and reward them accordingly.


Offer Jobs

You can post job offers on your website as well as link them from different websites to your HR module and manage all applications in one system.

Manage Candidates

Keep track of all the candidates. Manage and organize their pipeline for open positions right from your Odoo software.


You can access all your applicants’ resumes and details instantly on Odoo ERP.

Calendar integration

Odoo lets you schedule activities and send invites directly. Moreover, you can also sync your Odoo calendar with Google calendar.


Create links for the selected applicants and let them analyze and sign the offer. You can also facilitate your applicants to build their own monetary and non-monetary benefits packages.



Submit expense requests with or without attachments and permit employees to record their professional spending clearly with a specified period.

Group expense reports

Create a group for similar expenses in an expense report so you can process everything quicker. Notes can be added for reviewers.

Check status

Get a clear idea of all expenses’ status individually or together at once.

Review and Manage

Review the notes of the employees and take actions accordingly. Odoo will display a preview of the receipt to smoothen up the approval processes.

Accounting Integration

After the approval Odoo will reconcile the expenses followed by posting journal entries for the expense.



Create appraisal plans for all the departments separately. Refine these appraisals according to different criteria and manage evaluation schedule.

Create surveys

Design surveys, create templates, test the surveys and export the answers into PDF format so they can be printed easily.

Automate process

Allow Odoo to automatically email and remind employees according to the scheduled setup.


Manage leave requests

Let your employees record their leave requests themselves and then you can instantaneously approve or refuse them and add notes. You can also add allocations and customize leaves type. Managers can handle their own team which can be reviewed by you later.


Odoo gives a personal dashboard for employees. You can get the planning of your team and plan ahead using the calendar.


Share open job positions

Odoo offers a remarkable tool which is the job board. You can research on the job and match the perfect one for your friends and share it with them.

Follow your ongoing referrals

You can follow your friends’ progress on Odoo ERP and keep a track of how many points you have earned for each referral.

Customize your team

You can assign an avatar for your recruited friends to make your group of friends stand out.



Employee expenses are recorded and taken into account for future forecasts.